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If you are a tourist and you are keen on outdoor adventure activities in Alaska, this will satisfy your needs. You should take a guide with you to explain to you every detail during the trip, or you can take the adventure on your own. It is essential to know that no previous experience is required to participate in this multi-sport adventure tour. You can hike, explore an abandoned ghost house, go mountain biking and canoeing and many other extreme sports that will excite you. And in the evening, you can entertain yourself with popular casino games like poker, blackjack roulette, or slots, that you can play them on your phone for free by using an online no deposit bonus from this site.

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Must See Places in Alaska

You should definitely visit the vast Glacier Bay, National Park. You can take a cruise to Alaska along the Sea Route Inside Passage, where you can see impressive glacier-fed waterfalls as well as humpback whales and dolphins. If you can, try to visit this park on your own. You can enjoy sports such as climbing, hiking or kayaking. You can come and enjoy the beauty of Alaska at any time of the year.

Katmai National Park and Preserve - Many visitors come to Alaska hoping to see bears, but few do, as bears are secretive animals who enjoy their privacy. If you want to be on your side to see bears, go to Katmai National Park and Preserve, which is located near the town of King Salmon southwest of Anchorage. This park is home to the largest population of brown bears in the world. You will no doubt have the opportunity to take a beautiful photo of them.

Riverboat Discovery - Ships in Alaska? That's right. If you're staying in Fairbanks, why not board a dawn boat for a nice three-hour Alaska cruise? You can discover modern life, but also the traditional customs of the people of the region. You can even stop by the Indian village of Chena to see how people have managed to live and prosper for generations in the harsh climate of Alaska. Discover the life of the locals, that's also visiting Alaska.

Nightlife and Entertainment

The snowy paradise, except for being popular for the full range of outdoor activities, it is also famous for its nightlife. The best light show in Alaska is undoubtedly the Northern Nights, starting from September to April. Alaskans really love to dance, so put your favorite shoes on and head out to a pub with live music. When talking about indoors activities and entertainment, you could find a guide that discusses various gambling entertainment topics. The Alaska Casinos are specialized in bingo games, and if you want to feel the real gambling spirit, with all colors and lights on, you should visit the best casinos in the country, maybe you will get lucky, and you will earn real money.

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Where to stay? – Hotels near Bear Creek

  • Bear Creek Mountain Resort
  • Homewood Suites by Hilton Allentown
  • Allentown Park Hotel
  • Wingate by Wyndham - Allentown PA
  • Bowmans bear creek lodge – In Bearcreek Lodge there are 7 cabins, which are perfect if you want to stay with a large group or maybe to have a private party.
  • Creekbend Lodge – A 2 level cabin which is comfortable up to 36 people.

All hotels come with free high-speed wi-fi, so feel free to bring your laptop if you need to work on something or want to relax and watch a movie. You could also use your computer or mobile device to play games, and those that like gambling can even play on online casino sites. If you decide to go for the latter, we recommend visiting Diamond Reels Casino.

The most efficient way to contact us is by email: bearcreek@alaska.net

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